Overcome Anxiety

Many of us experience this as increased heart rate, a dropping feeling in our stomach, sweaty palms and a rush of adrenaline. These feelings are universal and everyone on the planet has experienced them at some point in their lives. There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to overcoming anxiety and stopping panic attacks. At Rapid Online Therapy we tailor make our overcoming anxiety and panic approach depending on your individual needs.

Leadership Coaching

We understand that all of our coaching clients are different and all have different needs, schedules and methods of learning. While some clients want to meet with us every few months, others prefer to undergo intense coaching sessions over the course of a few days to really hammer out their issues, get to the core of their self-limiting beliefs and quickly and effectively create a new future for themselves full of strength, confidence and abundance.

Cure Insomnia

We have dealt with many different clients with insomnia over the years, from those who struggle with primary insomnia, meaning they find it difficult to fall asleep. Whatever kind of insomnia you suffer from, we know that sleep-related problems can often leave you feeling anxious, helpless, emotionally unstable and exhausted. Contact the team here at Rapid Online Therapy now to discuss your options more.

Overcome Past Trauma

When we feel sad, anxious, disconnected or angry it is often because there are experiences and beliefs from our past getting in the way. This is why our team will tailor make a style of therapy that suits your individual needs, issues and goals for the future. We believe that this custom-made approach delivers the most effective, permanent and immediate change allowing you to let go of the past and move into the future in a meaningful and happy way.

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Online

    We have over 10 years experience using hypnosis to help people to quit smoking for good. We will tailor make an approach based on your story, yours need and the extent of your smoking habit. It is a flexible approach which Read More

Improve Self-Esteem

We know that many things can knock your self-esteem, from a bad break-up through to an ongoing feeling of low self-worth that you may have had all of your life. We believe that through a tailored, immerse style of therapy we can help you to cultivate a more positive and even optimistic attitude towards your future, filled with a greater sense of confidence in your ability to start living a happier life.

Confidence Boost

We can help you to boost your confidence for good and make rapid long-lasting changes to your outlook and belief structure so you can ultimately feel happier and more in control of your life. We believe that this custom-made approach delivers the most effective, permanent and immediate change allowing you to let go of the past and move into the future in a meaningful and happy way.

Mental Health & Employee Wellbeing

Poor mental health at work is a widespread problem in the UK and globally. A study by Mind showed that in 2018, 48% of employees had experienced poor mental health in their place of work. Poor mental health affects business as much as poor Read More

Stress Management

We know that stress can make you feel irritable and anxious, which has a negative effect on your work, your relationships, your health and even the quality of your life in general. Our team at Rapid Online Therapy are trained to teach you how to better manage stress, understand what triggers it, let go of past trauma and self-limiting beliefs and live truly in the present.

Performance Coaching

Over the years we have created a unique approach to performance coaching that pulls in a number of methods from Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Cognitive Behavioural Coaching (CBC) and Positive Psychology teachings. We inspire, teach and empower our coaching clients to think better, feel better and ultimately perform better.