Performance Coaching

Our team here at Rapid Online Therapy have worked with a huge range of coaching clients. From senior directors in the corporate world to young CEOs entering the startup scene for the first time through to world-class athletes and some of the biggest and brightest starts from the entertainment industry. We inspire, teach and empower our coaching clients to think better, feel better and ultimately perform better, whether they’re in front of a huge audience of top business minds, managing a large team, dreaming up creative ideas or taking part in a career-defining competition.

Over the years we have created a unique approach to performance coaching that pulls in a number of methods from Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Cognitive Behavioural Coaching (CBC) and Positive Psychology teachings. This helps us to tailor make and deliver a rapid and effective style of customised coaching that will enable you to experience, long-lasting genuine change in every area of your life.

We understand that all of our coaching clients are different and all have different needs, schedules and methods of learning. While some clients want to meet with us every few months, others prefer to undergo intense coaching sessions over the course of a few days to really hammer out their issues, get to the core of their self-limiting beliefs and quickly and effectively create a new future for themselves full of strength, confidence and abundance.

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