Michael Carthy

Michael Carthy

An Irish Man, living in London. I am privileged to sit across from truly great people. I love what I do!

The happier you are the better you’ll perform. Sounds simple, yet for most of us, genuine happiness can feel beyond our grasp.

Through 8 years and 1000’s of clients I know that happiness is paramount to consistently perform at your optimal level.

We can experience rapid dynamic change when we focus on change, to create a state of resilience, flow and happiness that will enable true success.

Using a combination of advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP, the principals of both Cognitive Behavioral therapy (CBT) & Rational Emotive Behavioral therapy (REBT) I work with clients to create immediate, genuine and long lasting change.

You can email Michael at hello@rapidonlinetherapy.com and read some of his blog posts at www.michaelcarthy.com

What Michael can help you with …